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Word Counter is a free website that, well, actually gives you the word counting for your written text. But wait! If you believe that all there exists to it is just a word counter, then you have a treat for yourself. Despite the name of this website, Word Counter Online is not just your average word counter. It provides you with more than just word counters. This means that this website offers you more than just counting words.

First of all, the word counter only counts words; it does not count sentences. What does this mean? When you type in any text, it appears on the screen as a list of characters. The status bar at the top corner of the screen with the words count icon contains information about the number of characters you have entered; the top of the status bar continually displays zero, which means that there are no characters left to type.


But how does this useful tool help you?

It helps you by giving you information before you even start typing. Word Counter can give you insights into your word power, word length, and economy. In short, the word counter gives you information to help you in planning your writing. Word counter gives you insights into your word power, your word length, and your word economy.


Second, word counter helps writers to organize their ideas. Suppose you have a list of ideas that you are going to include in your short story. If these ideas do not fit in your head, you will not write down your ideas. To prevent writer's block, you can use the word counter to help you organize your thoughts and ideas into a coherent piece of writing.

Third, word counter help a professional writer to limit the number of characters he uses in a scene. How? Put, when you limit the number of characters, you prevent unnecessary word repetitions. Of course, word repetition is unavoidable in every stage and every writing. However, it is an excellent way to avoid unnecessary repetitions and instead help the writer focus on the essential things.


Fourth, word counter helps writers to improve their social media writing. This online tool can help you by showing you how many social media shares your writing has received. By reading the percentage of social shares, you can easily see if your report has generated a lot of social media shares. Of course, this online tool cannot tell you who has liked what, but it will show you how many people shared your writing. With this tool, you can quickly gauge your popularity in your chosen social media platform.


Fifth, word counter helps a professional writer to reduce his word frequency counter. This tool tells you how many times each word is used in a written piece. So, you can easily see if you are overusing a particular word or not. This helpful tool is beneficial for writers as the word frequency counter will help them know how many words they should use in specific writing.

In a nutshell, word counters and other useful tools can be found online at a low price. The only thing you need to do is find the best word counter that is perfect for you. Microsoft Word is one of the most popular free word processors available today. To download Microsoft Word, go to the Microsoft website, and download the software. Finally, you can start using it to edit documents, produce articles and more.