Why you need a personal virtual assistant?

Hiring a personal virtual assistant to cost much less than hiring a traditional employee!

Recent research has shown that hiring a personal virtual assistant can help your company reduce current administrative costs by 65%. Since a personal virtual assistant typically works from a remote area and they perform the task by software, infrastructure, and tools, in this case, you only have to pay for the actual working hours of the virtual personal assistant. By working with a PVA(Personal Virtual Assistant), you can make huge savings by eliminating benefits, sick leave, rental fees, training fees, personnel insurance, retirement fees, office space, stationery, furniture, and more Teams.

What services can a PVA manage?

A personal virtual assistant can handle a wide range of services such as general administration, office support, internet research, word processing, web design, copywriting, online marketing, e-commerce support, marketing, or data entry.

Several advantages of a personal virtual assistant:

-If you have a small or medium-sized business, the best way to keep costs down without compromising on quality is to hire a PVA.

-All you have to do is pay PVA for the services you need without having to spend on extras like infrastructure, software, or office supplies.

-Your company doesn’t have to go through the lengthy process of recruiting and training resources. All you have to do is outsource it when you need it.

-You can spend your time, effort, and money on core business functions and focus on business development while your virtual assistant effectively manages your other functions.

-You don’t need to hire multiple full-time employees for different tasks as you can easily hire a virtual assistant at any time.

-Due to the time difference between Asian countries and the US / UK, your personal virtual assistant will have finished your work and prepared before you wake up.

-You don’t need a face-to-face meeting as you can easily exchange information via email, chat, phone, or fax.

-You can successfully meet all of your deadlines as personal virtual assistants work around the clock with no vacation, holidays, or sick days.

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