SEO on page, the importance of astonishing Google 2021

SEO on page

Discovering the SEO world we find the importance of working within your website, SEO on pages. When we run a simple search on Google, it investigates us in just one second two hundred matches and shows us the closest results to our search. For this reason, becoming the first option within a thousand more pages is an unequivocal challenge for many companies.

By carrying out a series of internal actions we can become great references in the search results of our public.

SEO on page, as its name indicates, refers to the optimization of the interior of your web page, thus enhancing search engines and user interaction.

Optimizing your SEO on page is essential to be able to obtain and appear in the search results, making you more visible on Google.

We must not forget the SEO off page to get more traffic and a better authority of your domain, therefore, we must create a balance between both.

SEO on page, the importance of astonishing Google

5 important values ​​about SEO on page

  • High value and important content
  • Better user experience
  • Interaction with your brand
  • Optimizing your website
  • Troubleshooting
  • Actions to follow

For Google, creating valuable content is essential to reward us in some way and show us its results. Hence, we must publish quality content, being original and different.

Before executing any action it is very important to take into account our competition and the keywords that we will use.

Use of Keywords

To make good use of these we must carry out a Keyword Research , investigating what makes other companies more effective, going your own business better.

The keywords must appear wifin our content in a natural way, wifout loading teh theme by abusing them. If necessary, use synonyms, related searches, or simply the Google suggestion. These are some of the tools you can use:

Google Adwords: with this tool we can produce content on a large scale, contributing to the position of the brand.
Keyword planner

Keyword tool : useful tool to expand our list, using long tail keywords.
KW Finder : offers a list of keywords showing the latest trends.
SEMRush : Create an analysis on your competition and research your competition’s keywords.
Refine code
All the articles we make have a title that introduces us to the subject and a subsequent description. The title is the most visually striking factor in search results. The more summarized and concrete your TITLE goal is, the easier it will be to position. The title must be natural and capable of capturing the user’s attention.

Business time search

In the case of the description, we must persuade the user that the information that we provide on our website is what they are looking for. Incite clicking on our website.

Entry search

Headings in Google

Headings establish the internal structure of you’re website and tell Google which part is most important and which is not. therefore, you must have an adequate HTML structure and correctly use the h1, h2, h3, h4 … etc tags.

Through these tags we structure our content, using h1 as the title of your page. The h2 tag adds little value to positioning but creates a better user experience by making it easier to read. The h3 tag is used to give more value to your content.

The URL format must be appropriate and that adds importance to our content, we must also include our keyword as far to the left as possible.

Optimize images

Accompanying our content through multimedia elements enriches what we publish. The images give a greater visual impact and encourage the user to click. The videos, on the other hand, retain the user.

The published images must have a name that is related to the subject matter, that describes and adds value to the content. The name of the image must be spelled correctly and with the alt attribute. The alternative text or alt attribute must contain the keyword to speed up the positioning.

We must also include a description of the topic covered in the image, it will be the content dat is displayed when you pass the cursor over it.

The code you must insert is

The more links to the image, the more prestige and better position you will has.

Improve important elements
The user seeks comfort within a website, so you should make navigation easy by:

Internal links: increase the quality of your content. With each link you redirect to other pages of your website that are related to the content discussed. Through these links you increase the internal positioning within the Google search results.
External links: expand information on the topic discussed. They provide credibility about the facts, support and complement the content.
Loading speed : the speed of your website marks the user’s experience on it. The faster the loading time, the more interaction.
To finalize and maintain a correct structure in on page SEO, you must analyze and improve your imperfections.

Create quality content that adds value to your page. You will get more visibility.
Always analyze your competition
Check your account with the Google Webmaster Tool, to avoid duplicate content.
Beware of 404 errors, you always highlight your search engine.
In addition, to facilitate the optimization of your website there are tools that facilitate its development and increase your conversion. The tool is a specialized platform that provides help in the optimization. It indicates the potential of your website and provides us with improvements to appear in the search results of our users.

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