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What is a Website Speed Tester?

Website Speed Tester is the best SEO tool that enables you to check the loading speed of your website in any search engine. It makes your website load faster and increases a good user experience. If your website loading speed is low then the user will not stay on your site and move on to the next site and never come back to your site as he got a very bad experience.

 Similarly, if your website loads in no time then visitors will stay on it and get what they searched and also come back in the future to find any related thing from your site. Loading speed matters a lot for bloggers or webmasters in the SEO of the website. This website speed checker tool enables you to check your website loading speed and compare it to your competitor's website loading speed.

Why use this website loading time optimizer?

If you are looking for a reliable tool to check the website speed that gives you accurate results, then you should have to give one try to the website speed tester offered by the Free Web SEO Tools. This speed optimizer tool is one of the best tools that is used by many webmasters to improve the speed of their websites. It is the most commonly used tool in SEO by bloggers.

The user of nowadays is always in a hurry and wants the quick result for its inquiry but if your website load slowly then it gives a bad impact on the visitors and it never came back and also not suggest it to anyone else. This tool tells you about the loading speed of your website, and if you are not satisfied with the results, then you can take steps to make important changes to your website to increase its speed.

How does this website speed checker tool work?

This tool works on a simple basis, and it analyzes your whole website and check the loading time of all the contents on the site, and gives the results. It not only analyzes your website speed but also makes the loading timeless and gives you a warning about the slow loading of your website so that your users can enjoy the good experience of browsing.

How to use the Website loading time checker offered by the Free Web SEO Tools?

This is one of the best SEO tools offered by the Free Web SEO Tools that tell you about your website speed and enable you to make the website loading faster than ever.


This Website Speed Optimizer tool is very easy to use.

  • Just enter your website URL in the given box.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • It starts analyzing the loading speed and gives results in no time.
  • This website speed tester tool tells you about the contents of your sites.

It will tell what elements on the website are fast or slow, which files are in big size or small size. This thing helps you increase your website speed. You can do it by reducing the size of large files, reducing the size of downloadable things, and by reducing HTTP requests.