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What is Broken Links Finder?

Broken links appear when any link on your web page is not functioning properly. It simply makes your site more accessible to visitors if you can find out what's causing those links.


How do I use Broken Links Finder?

Broken link checker tool easily checks the bad links, which are invisible. Simply write URL in the Title text box and click submit. You'll immediately get the desired results in few seconds. Slow performance of your site make visibility of your site slow. If any links on your page are not working, consider fixing it now!


Broken links appear when any links on your web page are not working properly. These links could be for any reason - internal or external. Sometimes, these links are also called misspelled links, failed open links, etc. In such cases, your page loads fine but visitors don't have the ability to read the text portion. In such cases, these links remain as broken ones and make navigation of your site difficult.

What is the importance of having an efficient Link Analyzer?

Link Analyzers find out the right and the most effective link structure on your site. As a result, your web pages load quickly. Also, if your website contains any images or multimedia content, it will also show up in the search engine result pages. These are some of the reasons why you need an efficient link analyzer tool.


What is Broken Links Finder?

A search engine optimization expert analyzes the links on your site and checks whether they are included in the search result pages. You can see the results almost instantly. If you think there is any link that is not included in the page result, you can immediately remove it and avoid any further loss of customers. By removing those links, you will be able to improve your site's ranking on the search engine result page.


What is Broken in My Website?

There are many more reasons why your site may fail than just the above-mentioned problems. However, if you are still making any changes on your site, you should check whether they are improving your website's performance. You can try changing one parameter only, or look for various other issues and make the necessary changes. If your site is still suffering from broken links, or if you think your site is outdated, you can immediately take action by using an efficient SEO software tool which will show you all the issues affecting your website's performance and fix them immediately.

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